Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS)

The Schöller Endowed Chair is part of the Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS), so that in cooperation with the Chair of Business Informatics, in particular information systems in service areas at the University of Bamberg, we are investigating current trends and developments in recruitment in Germany. As part of our research on e-recruiting and employer branding, we are researching the efficient and effective use of digital technologies in personnel processes, especially in recruiting.

Since 2002, CHRIS (since 2007 with the participation of Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer) has been conducting the annual “Recruiting Trends” study series with the support of Monster Deutschland and is questioning the HR managers of Germany’s 1,000 largest companies about trends and challenges in personnel recruitment and the opportunities of using digital technologies in personnel processes. Together with the series of studies “Application practice”, which has been conducted since 2004, this regular study can take an empirically precise look at the recruitment and application process in Germany.

Recruiting Trends

The focus of the “Recruiting Trends” study series is on trends and innovations in modern recruiting which are examined with the help of a regular survey of HR managers in Germany’s 1,000 largest companies. The motivation of the study is the design of modern personnel recruitment processes in response to challenges such as shortages of individual target groups and the increased demands on service quality of internal and external stakeholders. The aim is to analyse the targeted identification and addressing of selected target groups and applicant segments and the digital technologies used for this purpose.

With the aim of providing as comprehensive an insight as possible into recruitment behaviour on the German labour market, selected additional trend sectors have been surveyed in recent years in order to identify special features within these areas. The “Recruiting Trends” study series also takes into account the great importance of SMEs for the German economy by publishing an exclusive recruiting study for SMEs for the first time in 2008.

Application Practice

The “Application Practice” study series provides insights into the behaviour of career-seekers in their job search and aims to understand the person seeking a job with all their characteristics, motives, goals, behaviours, needs, influence groups and preferences. The “Application practice” study series supplements the company perspective focused on in the “Recruiting Trends” study series with the assessment of candidates in order to build up a better understanding of the two key players on the labour market – employers and job seekers – through these two complementary surveys.

Recruiting Trends und Application Practice 2018

In 2018, the Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) of the University of Bamberg and the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg again conducted the studies “Recruiting Trends” and “Application Practice” on behalf of Monster Worldwide Deutschland GmbH. This year’s thematic focus provides an insight into the significance and use of various current recruitment practice topics in the top 1,000 companies in Germany and compares the results with the usage behaviour and assessments of more than 2,800 job seekers and career seekers. For a comprehensive overview of the organization of personnel recruitment in Germany, 300 companies from the IT sector in Germany. The IT sector is particularly innovative in the area of personnel recruitment due to the given framework conditions, and results from this sector can therefore be seen as a good indicator of future developments.

The main topics of the studies “Recruiting Trends 2018” and “Application Practice 2018” are:

  • Social Recruiting and Active Sourcing
    This thematic focus analyses the results of the studies “Recruiting Trends 2018” and “Bewerbungspraxis 2018” with a focus on Social Recruiting and Active Sourcing. The aspects social media, employee recommendation, active sourcing, target group orientation and talent pools are analysed.
  • Digitisation of Personnel Recruitment
    This thematic focus analyses the results of the studies “Recruiting Trends 2018” and “Bewerbungspraxis 2018” with a focus on the digitisation of personnel recruitment and analyses in particular the use of job and talent recruiters as well as chat bots and digital selection systems.
  • Employer Branding
    This thematic focus analyses the results of the studies “Recruiting Trends 2018” and “Application Practice 2018” with a focus on Employer Branding and takes up in particular the self-assessment of companies with regard to their Employer Branding as well as topics such as authenticity in Employer Branding.
  • Mobile Recruiting
    The main topic “Mobile Recruiting” summarizes the results of the studies “Recruiting Trends 2018” and “Bewerbungspraxis 2018” regarding mobile recruitment. From the candidates’ point of view, the job search as well as the application via mobile devices are dealt with, while different implementation possibilities of the companies (e.g. optimization of the presentation on mobile devices, use of apps, etc.) are analysed.

The main topics can be obtained from our partner Monster Worldwide Deutschland GmbH. Further details on the implementation of the studies can be found on the CHRIS website.

If you have any questions about the studies, please contact Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer.