Enterprise Content and Collaboration Management

The design of collaboration processes in digital work systems is the focus of this research topic. Digital technologies are used to automate processes and tasks and thus change the way people work together. The focus is no longer solely on collaboration between people. Increasing digitization has also made human-machine collaboration more and more important. For this reason, we are researching how digital technologies are changing different work systems (e.g. software development, financial consulting, recruitment, etc.), how their challenges can be analyzed and structured, and which aspects promote or hinder the acceptance of digital work systems.

In the context of this research based on a multiplicity of projects with enterprises the “ECM ABC” developed, which is able as a procedure model to analyze challenges of digital work systems and the information management in enterprises, in order to derive appropriate implications for its effective and efficient organization of collaboration processes. The focus of the analyses is on capturing the subjective and objective information needs as well as the information supply. Based on the recording of these concepts, the “awareness”, “burden” and “consistency” deviations of ECM can be determined in order to be able to derive goal-oriented fields of action for the design of digital work systems.

As a result of these analyses in different companies, the approach of “process-oriented enterprise content management” has emerged. This summarizes technologies and concepts for target group-oriented information supply and the design of digital work systems in companies. The approach of process-oriented enterprise content management places people at the center of information management and organizes knowledge management in companies according to the respective needs of people who have to complete specific tasks. The approach has been successfully implemented in various companies as a dynamic content delivery model.

The ECM-ABC and the approach of process-oriented ECM are the core of the bachelor course “Enterprise Content and Collaboration Management“. Further concepts are also discussed in the master’s course “Enterprise Knowledge Management“.



  • Research and teaching cooperation with tutum, a ECM specialist from Nuremberg

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