Digital Change Management

In addition to the design of digital working and living environments, digital transformation and thus the successful management of IT-related changes is one of the success factors of digitalization. We are therefore researching dynamic models and processes to promote the acceptance of changes in working and living environments and to shape the digital transformation.

A large number of projects with companies are the basis for the DCM framework, which summarizes the findings of the significance of change objects, change management processes and individual reactions to IT-related changes and thus defines a framework for action for companies on how digital change processes can be successfully designed in companies. This framework comprises a portfolio of change management strategies that analyzes their effectiveness in different contexts.


To analyze the challenges of digital transformation, the chair team has also developed the ADTC framework process model, which makes it possible to identify the barriers to digital transformation in the lower framework and to derive appropriate action strategies.

The DCM framework is, among others, part of the master courses “Digital Change Management” and “Digital Transformation & Projects“.



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