The team of the Schöller Endowed Chair represents the focus “Digitization in Economy and Society” in teaching at the Faculty of Economics. The aim of the activities in teaching is to give students clarity about the use and development of information technologies in different contexts. Possibilities of digitization should be recognized, used and designed as well as economically and technically evaluated and their effects on people, companies and society should be assessed. An understanding of the theoretical connections as well as the mastery of corresponding methods is a prerequisite for this.
In this context, the persons involved in the teaching assume the role of knowledge mediator, moderator and consultant. As knowledge mediators, theories and methods are discussed and students are provided with the knowledge necessary to identify, design, disseminate and evaluate digital technologies. As moderators, discussions are conducted that lead students through exercises, case studies or business games (simulations). In the role of a consultant, students are accompanied during independent projects or final theses in which the theories and methods taught are to be applied.