Project Seminar “Data-Driven Application Development”

Data-Driven Application Development

In the project seminar “Data-Driven Application Development”, both technical and methodological concepts for the successful development of data-driven application systems are taught and implemented using a concrete application example from university operations.

Learning Objectives

The goal of the course is to develop a user-centered technical solution for a concrete practical use case within the framework of teamwork oriented to agile principles and to evaluate the result with regard to its contribution to solving the problem (especially usability).
By participating in the seminar, students thus not only expand their knowledge in the area of data management and application development, but also become familiar with procedures, tools and technologies for customer-oriented work in an agile project team.


The seminar can be taken by students of Business Informatics starting in 2020 and has a scope of 10 ECTS. For participation in the seminar, German language skills as well as basic knowledge in the areas of programming and data management (e.g. to the extent of the courses “Algorithms and Data Structures for MT”, “Conceptual Modeling” as well as “Data Management and Analysis for WI”) are advantageous.

To participate in the seminar, an application is required by 08.10.2021 at the following link:


The dates for the upcoming winter semester 2021/22 are as follows: