Learning Agreements

The overall process of the Learning Agreement of the International Relations Office can be found here.

Conclusion of a Learning Agreement at the chair

In general, it is possible to conclude a Learning Agreement for each module of our chair. So that your process can be processed quickly and the chair has all the necessary information and documents, we ask you to observe the following tips and notes.


To conclude a Learning Agreement, please fill out the form carefully and accurately. The following information is mandatory:

  • Name
  • Student number
  • Course of studies and degree
  • Supervisor and Chair (Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer / Chair of Information Systems, Digitalization in Business and Society)
  • Name of the university abroad and country
  • Time of the semester abroad (WS or SoSe)
  • Full names of modules and exams
  • Examination numbers and ECTS
  • Signature

Already accepted courses

The following courses of foreign universities have already been accepted by Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer. Please note that the recognitions in the past do not automatically lead to the generation of a new Learning Agreement. If your course is listed in the table, please send an e-mail with a note of the already recognized course and the completed form to the respective module responsible. Alternatively, you can also submit all documents in paper form to the Chair Secretariat.

Course description

If your chosen course has not yet been accepted, we need some information about the course you wish to take at the foreign university (please only in German or English):

  • Course content: Syllabus with description
  • Course size: Hours/week and ECTS or regional credits
  • Course level
  • Link to course description
  • if possible: Examination modalities

Send the collected information available to you and the completed form by e-mail to the respective module responsible. Alternatively, you can also hand in all documents in paper form to the Chair Secretariat. If we need additional information for the acceptance, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Module responsible

Module name Modul number Examination number Responsibles
Data Science: Datenmanagement und -analyse (DMA) tba Exam 21771
Exam 21911 for WINF
Kian Schmalenbach
Enterprise Content and Collaboration Management (ECCM) 6960 Written examination 69601 David Horneber
Bachelor Seminar Information Systems
“Digitalization in Business and Society”
tba tba Florian Meier
Key Skill Seminar “Media Literacy“ 3650 Diskussionsbeiträge 63501
Hausarbeit 63502
Daniel Schömer
WISO Meets Consulting 56235 Seminar paper 64301 (IIS)
Presentation 64302 (IIS)Seminar paper 62351 (not IIS)
Presentation 62352 (not IIS)
Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer
Digital Change Management (DCM) 6210 Written examination 62101
Case study 62102
Daniel Schömer
Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM) 7290 72901 Florian Meier
Master Seminar Information Systems
“Digitalization in Business and Society”
6430 Seminar paper 64301
Presentation 64302
Jessica Ochmann
Electronic Human Resources Management (E-HRM) tba tba Jessica Ochmann

The chair will process your request and inform you by e-mail when Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer has decided on the acceptance. Please understand that it may take a few days until a decision has been made.

Conversion and accreditation of academic results abroad

If you are returning from your study abroad and decide to have courses that are on the Recognition List accredited, contact the program coordinator for your study program.

Booking at the examination office

With the form “Antrag auf Anerkennung für im Ausland durchgeführten Prüfungsleistungen” and your foreign examination certificate, please contact the International Relations Office and then the responsible examination office. This office can then book the grade for the relevant courses.


The process for conversion, accreditation and booking can be found here.