PC practical course

Aim of the course

  1. You will acquire a sound knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite for Windows for word processing and creating spreadsheets and presentations.
  2. You will learn how to use a literature management program for setting scientific papers.
  3.  You will get to know the image editing program GIMP and ways to adjust images.


The course consists of an e-learning offer for self-study and a four-part project work.


  • Text editing with MS Word
  • Presentation design with MS Powerpoint
  • Spreadsheet calculation with MS Excel
  • Image editing with GIMP
  • Literature management with Mendeley

Place and time

There will be no face-to-face meeting. In the first week of the course there will be a kick-off event via Zoom. This event will be recorded and afterwards made available on the course platform for listening. To register, see “Accessing the course platform”. The four-part project work is to be completed in November 2021. The content of the project work is the processing of various practical tasks or answering elective questions about the programs used. Detailed information about the time periods and the assignments can be found in the course.

Examination performance and numbers

  • For Bachelor students at FB WiWi in Nuremberg: 86680:
    • electronic exam with MC part: 66801 (e-learning offer PC practical course); 2.5 ECTS
    • term paper: P.-Nr. 66802 (PCP project work); 2,5 ECTS
      Please do not register for the obsolete exam numbers (192 Diplom and 21502 Alt-Bachelor).
  • For students at the TechFak in Erlangen: 86680:
    • electronic exam with MC part: P.-Nr. 66801(E-Learning offer PC practical); 2,5 ECTS
    • term paper: P.-Nr. 66802 (PCP project work); 2,5 ECTS
    • Students at TechFak who are not able to register for the exam and/or project work via MeinCampus, please write an email with matriculation number, course of studies and degree at the beginning of the registration period to: carolin.mattes@fau.de.

Please note: participation in the written exam is not possible in case of missed registration!

Registration for the two examination components “E-Learning Offer PC Practical” (= written examination) and “PCP Project Work” takes place exclusively (!) via the registration system in “My Campus“. The deadlines for submitting the project work are listed in the course, and the upload links can also be found there. Late submission is not possible!


Gimp 01.11., 09:00 AM until 05.11., 12:00 AM
Powerpoint 08.11., 09:00 AM until 12.11., 12:00 AM
Word 15.11., 09:00 AM until 19.11., 12:00 AM
Excel (MC) 25.11., 09:00 AM until 26.11., 12:00 AM (10 minutes duration)

The exam will take place in Nuremberg before the official exam period, probably from 10.01. – 11.01.2022. The individual slot allocation of the students will be announced in StudOn a few days before the exam date. Please pay attention to the notes in the corresponding course forums! Dates on individual request cannot be considered. Please note the slot allocation!

Please note:
Due to the high number of participants, it is explicitly not recommended to take this course in the last semester of study. Despite an early exam date, the announcement of the results will not be completed significantly before the end of the semester (end of September / end of March). Pre-corrections are not possible, not even by way of exception!

Access to the course platform

The course platform can be accessed via the vhb course PC Practical. Information on how to register with the vhb can be found here.


Due to the current situation, we will be easing restrictions on Office versions. As there is temporarily no access to the CIP pools, editing of project work will be possible with all modern Windows Office versions (2013, 2016, 2019, 365). Possible different solutions between the versions will be taken into account in the evaluation, there will be no disadvantages due to the use of one of these versions.

In the CIP pools the Office version 2019 is installed – therefore the exam must be written with this version. However, from version 2013 onwards, the modern Office versions differ only marginally – so you can work on the project work with versions 2013, 2016 or Office 365 without any problems and then write the exam with the 2019 version. The required functions will be accessible in the same way under all versions!

Please note that there may be isolated problems when editing with a MAC. We therefore still advise you against editing with a MAC.

You can register as of the 18.10.2021 via the vhb (see above). It is not necessary to register with the supervisors or via StudOn. There is no limit to the number of participants, panic at missing the first possible registration day is not necessary!

No, it is not.

Unfortunately, we don’t know that either. Please clarify this with your responsible examination office.

For reasons of examination law, crediting as a key qualification is not possible for students at the WiWi faculty as well as at all other vhb universities.

No, that is exactly why we have made it possible to register for the project work separately from the exam. If you get the grade of one part of the module in MeinCampus, you do not have to repeat this part of the module. Please note: this only applies to participants who have registered for the exam and the project work via MeinCampus.

Only students registered in the above-mentioned examination numbers can take part in the exam. If the examination numbers are not displayed in MeinCampus for your course of study, please contact the course supervisor immediately with your matriculation number, course of study and degree.

Due to the shortage of space, the introductory event will take place entirely virtually. Mainly organizational topics will be covered there. If you have managed to log in to the course, you will find a recording there as a lecture-on-demand package at the beginning of the semester.

The online course is self-study. There are no events in which knowledge about the content is imparted.

As described in the course: No. MeinCampus does not support entering multiple dates for an exam, nor does it support entering an exam that lasts multiple days. Nevertheless, the sign-out function should be available.
The actual exam date of each registered participant will be announced in the course approximately one week before the exam (time period see above). The exam will take place during the week and during the day.

As described in the course: Please register for the exam as normal and write an email to carolin.mattes@fau.de in the last week of the exam registration period with your full name, matriculation number, university of origin, course of study and degree (Bachelor/Master) as well as the official notification of the other exam date (e.g. screenshot from MeinCampus, which also shows the matriculation number).

Please reschedule your other appointments. Due to the large number of exam participants, manual intervention in the slot allocation is only possible for the above-mentioned students with exams running in parallel. Please communicate the exam period and your possible absence right at the beginning of the semester in seminars, language courses, … with compulsory attendance or intermediate services during this period.

Yes, Office 2016 is installed in the CIP pools of FB WiWi in Nuremberg. There you can practice and create the project work. Please note that we cannot make any statement about whether other versions of MS Office really create 100% compatible files.