Seminar for Bachelor Thesis

Target audience

The seminar for the bachelor thesis is especially aimed at students of information systems and those interested in other courses of study who would like to write or write a bachelor thesis.

For students who write their bachelor thesis at the Schöller Endowed Chair for Information Systems this seminar is mandatory.


The aim of the seminar on the bachelor thesis is to make it easier for students to familiarise themselves with scientific work. The seminar begins with a general introduction to the basics of scientific work and with an overview of the steps necessary to write a thesis. In particular, various research methods frequently used in business informatics will be discussed (literature analysis, qualitative research/case studies, quantitative research/empiracy, experiments, design science research).

Knowledge transfer

The seminar imparts basic knowledge for the preparation of a bachelor thesis and is primarily oriented towards the phases of the scientific work process for the preparation of a research paper:

  • Basics of scientific work
  • Topic identification
  • Literature research
  • Formulation of the research question
  • Choice of research design
  • Implementation of the research project
  • Evaluation of research results
  • Publication of research results

Knowledge application

The demonstration of different software programs as well as accompanying exercises, which are worked on and introduced during the appointments in fixed groups, make a practical deepening of the meeting contents possible.

Knowledge implementation

Students must present their own research projects and ideas during the seminar in order to discuss the ideas of their own bachelor thesis.

Learning objective

The aim is for students to learn to conduct independent studies on scientific questions in business informatics. This seminar is intended to provide students with an introduction to the scientific work of business informatics and students should use this in the context of their accompanying bachelor thesis.


The seminar is held virtually on Wednesdays between 16:45 – 20:00 (CET/MEZ) at the following dates:
  • 03.11.21 (Introduction and How to Write)
  • 10.11.21 (Literature Review)
  • 17.11.21 (Theories in IS Research & How to Present)
  • 24.11.21 (Research Methods)
  • 01.12.21 (Presentation of First Ideas)
  • 08.12.21 (Review and Evaluation, Presentation of First Ideas
  • 19.01.22 (Final Presentations)

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