This research focus of the chair deals with negative emotions, dependency and stress in digital working and living environments. For this purpose, drivers and consequences of techno-stress are examined and in particular the role played by digital technologies for the general sense of stress in everyday work, at university or even in private life is pointed out.

With regard to techno-stress in the company, the following questions are at the centre of the chair’s research:

  • Which IT-related stressors cause stress and what are the consequences?
  • How do IT-related stressors relate to general work-related stressors?
  • What impact does the introduction of new digital technologies have on stress perception?
  • Which methods can be used to reduce the feeling of stress?

Another focus of the chair’s work is on stress caused by the use of digital technologies in the private sphere (e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp, smartphones) and how this is related to dependency on these technologies.

The results of the chair on “Technostress” have been published in various articles in scientific journals or presented at conferences. The main contributions include: