New AIS research ranking published

FAU, Wiso, ©Giulia Iannicelli

At the beginning of the year, the Association for Information Systems (AIS) published its new research ranking of international business information systems. The ranking is based on the publications of all business information systems researchers worldwide in the AIS Senior Scholars’ Basket of Journals, a defined basket of high-ranking journals in the field of business information systems and digitization.

Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer, holder of the Schöller Endowed Chair for Information Systems, is ranked 39th in this ranking for publications in the AIS Senior Basket of Eight in the last five years (11th place if only the ranking order is considered and not the number of individual winners).

It is gratifying that Prof. Laumer was able to improve his ranking compared to the previous year. In the last ranking in the same category, he ranked on place 44 (place 12 if the number of people listed in the top places is not taken into account). This is based on the two studies on Technostress published in 2019 in the Information Systems Journal and the European Journal of Information Systems, both journals of the AIS Senior Scholars’ Basket of Journals.

It should also be emphasized that, in a national comparison, Prof. Laumer is one of the six best published German business information scientists. Two colleagues are ranked ahead of him, and in place 39 there are three more business information systems researchers from Germany.

The ranking is based on the research performance of the individual professors, i.e. the number of scientific articles published in recognized journals. However, the equally important skills in teaching, in the transfer of research results into practice or in the training of doctoral students are not considered in these rankings.