Best Paper Award Nomination: A Business model perspective to explain innovation ecosystem membership to realize AI value proposition

The paper „Survival of the Fittest: A Business Model Perspective to explain Innovation Ecosystem Membership“ has been nominated for the Best Paper Award on the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMICS) 2023. A big congratulations  to all authors: Daniel Schoemer, Sven Laumer, Erik Scepanski und Sonja Zillner.

The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of artificial intelligence (AI). However, to reap the value and fulfill all the necessary activities, they realize it involves a multitude of different capabilities and resources. Therefore, firms increasingly establishing innovation ecosystems that animate both, (inter)-organizational cooperation, and intra-ecosystem competition among participants.

Our paper discuss, beyond resources and capabilities the reasons why independent organizations join ecosystems in the first place, and how do they secure their position in a field of dynamic competition and collaboration

By applying an exploratory multi-case study with ten cases from the manufacturing industry using business model and role of value network perspective, we identified 16 business model characteristics that add to a competitive advantage and therefore ecosystem membership.

Our study contributes to the research on competitive advantage in innovation ecosystems, strategic management, and the growing streams of research on artificial intelligence.


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