Best Paper Award Nomination: Research Expanding the Feminist Approach to Address Power Imbalances in Society and AI

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The paper created by Eva Johanna Gengler, Marco Wedel, Alexandra Wudel und Sven Laumer with the Title “Power Imbalances in Society and AI: On the Need to Expand the Feminist Approach” has been nominated for the Best Paper Award on the International Conference on Information Systems 2023. We congratulate the team for this remarkable achievement!

The paper discusses how recent advances in Artificial Intelligence present both opportunities and challenges concerning power distribution. It highlights how current AI systems often perpetuate power imbalances and disadvantage marginalized groups. By introducing an inclusive feminist approach, building on recent Information Systems and interdisciplinary research as well as on evidence from expert interviews in focus groups, the study underscores the potential to reshape AI systems and societal power structures for greater equity.