Successful start into the digital summer semester!

The Schöller Endowed Chair has made a successful start to the 2020 digital summer semester. The changes required due to the corona pandemic were prepared by the chair team in the last few weeks, so that the start this week was ideal. In several online lectures and seminars the students were prepared for the upcoming topics this semester.

We see a great opportunity to think and implement different approaches to teaching and especially digital teaching this semester. We do not only want to hold our lectures in front of the webcam at home in our home office. We want to use the opportunity to offer a new combination of synchronous and asynchronous formats so that knowledge transfer, knowledge application and knowledge implementation can also lead to good learning success in digital form. To this end, we have developed many asynchronous learning forms in advance, which we can now offer to students.

In addition, we have developed various ways of applying and implementing the knowledge conveyed in online lectures and formats in interaction with students. We are looking forward to this semester, the new experiences and the knowledge we will be able to take with us in order to continue to offer successful digital teaching in the future.



Further information about the digital summer semester at the WISO can be found here: Further information about the corona situation at FAU can be found on the central website of the university:

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