“Congratulations, Jessica” – acceptance into the management development program “Software Campus”

The Software Campus (SWC) is a support program for future IT executives, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

This year, FAU reached the top position with the most SWC grants with 9 supported doctoral students and 2 master’s students and was thus able to hold its position against TU Dresden and TU Darmstadt, both with 8 grants each.

We are especially happy for our doctoral student, Jessica Ochmann. She convinced in the selection symposium as well as in the academic review and will analyse the potentials of artificial intelligence in human resource management together with her industrial partner Merck .

We also congratulate our colleagues, Willi Tang and Sebastian Dunzer from the Chair of Digital Industrial Service Systems and Leonard Michels from the Professorship for Digital Transformation, as well as all others from FAU, for their acceptance into the program.

Congratulations to all!