New master course Enterprise Knowledge Management starts this winter semester

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In this winter semester the course Enterprise Knowledge Management is offered to master students for the first time.

As knowledge is crucial for a company’s sustainable competitive advantage, much effort has been expended to investigate the different perspectives of knowledge and its management. Certainly, in a fast-moving world with complex organizational structures or geographic dispersion of employees, knowledge management (KM), related knowledge management systems (KMS) and knowledge transfer (KT) between employees or organizational units become more sophisticated. Consequently, organizations regard the management of organizational knowledge as an urgent factor for foresighted strategic leadership and highly invest in processes and systems to manage their knowledge. Despite the great efforts invested in KM and related KMS, organizations often fail to realise the expected benefits.

The objective of the module is therefore to deal with the concept of organizational knowledge management and to offer a socio-technical perspective on knowledge as a strategic resource. Student should be able to analyze, discuss and shape the consequences of the introduction of new knowledge management systems and challenges regarding the implementations of these systems.

The lecture contents are made available to the students in the form of Lecture on Demand. These will be accompanied by classroom exercises.


Lecture: no attendance dates (Lecture on demand on StudOn)

Exercise: Thu 13:15 – 14:45

Room 2.212 (Mensa Insel Schütt)