Schöller team contributed to the success of the virtual ECIS 2020!

This week the virtual version of this year’s European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) took place. Due to the corona pandemic, the conference did not take place in Marrakesh, Morocco, as planned, but was moved into virtual space. The team of the Schöller Endowed Chair was also virtually present and contributed to the success of the first virtual ECIS.

Quirin Demlehner presented the results of his research in the field of artificial intelligence and automobile production, which was developed in cooperation with Siemens AG. In his paper, he focuses on the question of which factors influence companies from the automotive industry in their investment decisions for or against AI. A total of 16 different factors influencing this type of decision could be identified. The paper is available in the AIS Digital Library.

Sven Laumer supported the ECIS again this year as track chair for the IS Adoption and Diffusion Track of the conference. Together with his track co-chairs, he organized the review process for over 50 submissions and moderated the presentation of accepted papers in the virtual sessions of the conference.