Current ranking shows: Sven Laumer is among the best five young management researchers in German-speaking countries

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©Giulia Iannicelli/FAU

The current Wirtschaftswoche ranking that reflects the most research-intensive young researchers in management (BWL researchers under 40) in German-speaking countries lists Sven Laumer at the 5th place. Laumer, who was born in 1982, took over the Schöller Endowed Chair three years ago and his research focuses on the digitial transformation of businesses and society.

His research is regularly the subject of top international publications, which form the basis of the rankings provided by Wirtschaftswoche. For example, Prof. Laumer and his co-authors recently published an article in MIS Quarterly, one of the world’s leading scientific journals in information systems (VHB-JOURQUAL3 Ranking A+). In recent years, a total of 14 articles have been published in the most important international scientific information systems journals (ranked A+ or A in the VHB-JOURQUAL3) with the participation of Prof. Laumer.

It is also remarkable that Prof. Laumer is among the top five percent of management researchers overall in recent years (108th place in the ranking of publication performance over the last five years). He is also among the top ten percent of the best management researchers in the German-speaking world in the lifetime ranking, which considers all publications since their doctorate. In this ranking, he is one of the youngest professors in the top 10 percent.

Prof. Laumer’s research is also attracting strong international interest. In January, the Association for Information Systems published the current AIS research ranking. Here, all Information Systems professors worldwide are ranked in terms of their publications in the AIS Senior Journal Basket of Eight, which includes the eight most important information systems journals worldwide. Here, Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer is ranked with other international colleagues at position 39 (AIS 8, 2016-2020). Prof. Laumer shares this position with four other IS experts from German-speaking countries – two other IS experts from Germany are listed above him. The rankings are particularly noteworthy because they reflect the high quality of research output from Germany and are a signal of the strength and innovative power for German information systems research.

Both rankings are based on the research performance of individual professors, i.e. the number of scientific articles published in recognized journals. However, the equally important skills in teaching, in the transfer of research results into practice or in the training of doctoral students are part of these rankings.