Key Skill Seminar „It’s a Match – WISO Meets Consulting“


For the summer semester 2019 our chair offers the key qualification module “It’s a Match – WISO Meets Consulting” for the first time. In the course of the semester, students will hear several keynote speeches from employees of renowned consulting firms on various approaches to the structured solution of real problems in companies.

They then apply these to an assigned case with reference to their study environment and demonstrate the acquired competencies in a final presentation.

The students establish thereby contacts with representatives of the most popular German employers in the WiWi surrounding field, profit from their experience and receive an idea of the occupation everyday life in the industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Application of existing scientific knowledge
  • Learning new methods for the structured solution of complex problems
  • presentation techniques
  • Cooperation in interdisciplinary teams
  • Customer/market orientation


The course is not offered in thhe winter term.